Red Canapé is different. Just like you.

The Restaurant

Red Canapé is an urban restaurant which captures the pulse of the city. It’s convenient – just a few feet from the office area. It’s refreshing – early service in the morning. It’s relaxing – come enjoy a break after work. It’s friendly – come together with friends. It’s romantic – if you are in love. It’s trendy – because of our culinary imagination.

The Red Canapé menu will inspire your tastebuds to experiment – whether it is for quick snack or a large dinner reservation. Just a matter of appetite and leisure.

Red Canapé welcomes you – never looking at its watch. Invites you – never discussing your style. Makes you feel comfortably – such as sitting in a cosy canapé. In the case – Red Canapé.

Red Canapé is different. Just like you.

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